Wave goodbye to hefty call out charges.

Speak with a tradesperson right now and repair your basic household issues.

Save time and money with eHLP – the mobile app that uses the latest video chat technology to quickly connect you with local tradespeople, plumbers, electricians, technicians and general home improvement experts.

eHLP is the UK’s first video home repair app.

We eHLP with you:

Examples of household basic faults / issues that may arise in the home include:

Electrical faults/issues:

Power cuts, dips in power, faulty lights, frequent circuit breaker tripping and circuit overloads.

Technical faults:

Issues with your TV, laptop, speakers, smart home devices and voice assistants.

Plumbing faults:

Dripping faucets, slow draining sink, clogged bath or shower drain, blocked toilet, faulty water heaters or low water pressure.

Why do I need eHLP?

Learn how to quickly repair basic issues in your home at the touch of a button. Electrical faults, unexpected leaks and smart device technical issues solved in minutes with the support of a local tradesperson.

No unexpected call-out charges.

Pay only £10 when your issue is resolved and fixed safely with the advice and guidance of an eHLP tradesperson.

Convenient real-time video support.

Instantly connect to a trusted tradesperson via a video call to safely repair basic household faults and issues.

Free fast-track video quotations.

If your issue can’t be resolved with eHLP, a professional gives you the information you need to get an accurate quotation.

“Pay only £10 when your issue is resolved and fixed safely with the advice and guidance of an eHLP tradesperson.”

eHLP safety.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do at eHLP. All of eHLP tradespeople go through a strict onboarding process, agreeing to the eHLP promise and adhering to safety guidelines to ensure your safety.

Accredited and qualified tradespeople.

Our trades professionals have the necessary qualifications, accreditations, experience and insurance to safely advise you on your household issue.

Insured and vetted.

You will only be given advice to repair basic household faults/issues if it is safe to do so, giving you extra peace of mind that you will not be putting yourself in danger.

Recommended by you.

As tradespeople ourselves, we understand the value of word-of-mouth referrals, so every eHLP professional is reviewed and recommended by our customers.

“A staggering 59% of people do not use, or refer to a qualified electrician when doing electrical work”

Electrical Safety Council.

How does eHLP work?

Discover a plumbing problem.

Whether it’s an electrical fault, technical issue or plumbing problem, eHLP is here for you.

Find an eHLP professional.

eHLP is only one video call away. Just tap the app and connect to a reputable tradesperson.

Find an eHLP professional.

Receive expert guidance and support from a trusted tradesperson to help you safely resolve your issue. If your problem can be resolved, you’re charged £10.*

*Average call out charge in Hull is £60

Or, get an accurate quotation

If your issue can’t be fixed over video call, an eHLP professional provides the information you need to get an accurate quote for additional work.

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DIY project support

We can also eHLP with more complex home improvement projects, providing:

  • Step-by-step instructions and walk-through.
  • Support with choosing the right tools and techniques.
  • Guidance on where to buy your equipment and supplies.

For more information on this service call 01482 644348

*Basic repairs can be fixed within 10-20 minutes. DIY projects may need more in-depth support.

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