Earn cash for your expert advice.

Help local homeowners solve basic home repairs from your smartphone.

eHLP is the UK’s first video home repair app that uses the latest video chat technology to quickly connect homeowners and local trades professionals to assist in the repair of common household problems.

eHLP is the UK’s first video home repair app.

Why should I join eHLP?

eHLP is on a mission to improve communication in the building trade industry. We’ve come up with a way to help tradespeople like you earn money and quickly connect with customers by using the latest video chat technology to remotely advise homeowners to repair basic household faults.

Earn money for your advice.

Get paid to help people fix basic faults and issues in their homes via video call, at a time and place that suits you.

Save time and avoid unnecessary travel for call-outs.

Avoid extra travel expenses and support customers from any location at a time that’s convenient for you.

Build trust with local customers.

Establish a good reputation and gain new customers by being a trusted member of the eHLP community.

“The average builder will spend two and a half years driving their van!”

Federation of Master Builders

“A staggering 59% of people do not use, or refer to a qualified electrician when doing electrical work.”

Electrical Safety Council.

eHLP safety.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do at eHLP. All of eHLP tradespeople go through a strict onboarding process, agreeing to the eHLP promise and adhering to safety guidelines to ensure your safety.

Accredited and qualified tradespeople.

Our trades professionals have the necessary qualifications, accreditation’s, experience and insurance to safely advise homeowners.

Insured and vetted.

We interview all of our trades professionals to ensure that eHLP membership is right for them and that they are right for eHLP, for more info see out eHLP promise.

How eHLP works.

Sign up and get verified

After you have completed the sign up form one of our eHLP consultants will be in touch to talk you through our eHLP promise, safety agreement and verify your qualifications, accreditation and experience.

Download eHLP

After you receive verification, download eHLP to set up your profile on the app in order to be visible for homeowners to contact.

Understand your limits

Advice is only given by eHLP tradespeople when it is safe to do so. If the problem cannot be resolved via video call, the homeowner is advised to seek a quote for additional work.

Video call with a customer

Once everything is set up, you can be contacted by a homeowner via video chat to help them resolve their household repair issue.

Earn Cash for your advice

If the problem is resolved and the homeowner is satisfied with your service you will be paid for your time.

Get reviews

As tradespeople ourselves, we understand the value of word-of-mouth referrals, so every eHLP professional is reviewed and recommended by our customers.

Interested in joining our growing list of tradespeople?

Sign up to eHLP, or request a demo, to find out how you can start earning cash via your smartphone.

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