How does it work?

Discover an electrical fault

Around 80% of electrical trips are due to a fault in an appliance, rather than your electrical power system and only require a basic fix.

Call a trusted professional

EHLP is only a phone call away. Just tap the app and we’ll connect you to a reputable electrician that will provide help in real-time.

Live help from any device

Our vetted professionals walk you through a fault diagnosis, meaning you could be back up and running within a few minutes.


Approved, vetted professionals

We carefully select every EHLP electrician, ensuring each professional has the necessary qualifications, accreditations and experience to safely advise you.

Straightforward problem walkthroughs

We connect dependable and trained electricians with the general public to solve problems quickly and easily using live face-to-face tutorials.

Ask questions in real-time

We’ve harnessed the power of video chat technology to empower our customers to resolve basic electrical issues within their home.

Affordable, fast advice

We’ve made hefty call-out charges a thing of the past. Instead, you only pay for the time an electrician spends with you.

24/7 service

We’re here for you all day, every day, whether a fuse blows at midnight or something trips at the weekend.

Endorsed by you

We believe in the value of word-of-mouth referrals, so every EHLP electrician can be reviewed and recommended by each of our customers.


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